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A SmartWeave Shirt

A SmartWeave Shirt looks and feels like any other quality shirt; the difference is its revolutionary ‘SmartWeave’ Technology that prevents sweat marks. “Even though sweating is a natural human function and everybody does it- nobody likes it”
SmartWeave Shirts are there for you when asking for a pay rise, during a job interview, on a date or simply travelling to work.

If looking & feeling confident is essential to performance, and you like to feel fresh and in control, a SmartWeave  Shirt is the one for you.


The founders, Oliver Van Emden & Bradley Rose are two former Manchester graduates who have dedicated over 8 years of their lives to solve the problem of sweat marks, resulting in the launch of ‘SmartWeave’ Technology. Click here to read a message from the founders.

The patented technology is a result of passion, determination and belief including many specialist weaving & fabric-finishing trials. For more details on what makes a SmartWeave Shirt work, please click here


“SmartWeave  Shirts offer the wearer a premium cotton shirt with added benefits”

SmartWeave Technology is extremely difficult to produce and only one fabric-mill in the world has been taught the skills to manufacture the material. Our mill produces high quality fabrics to many well worldwide  known brands.

Our mill only makes high-quality fabrics, and SmartWeave is no exception. The material is soft, smooth, light and extremely comfortable to wear. Not only will the material prevent sweat marks, but it will keep you feeling cool and dry.

The shirts have been crafted to exacting standards and every product is checked meticulously before being dispatched. Each shirt is tailored using silk needles to ensure a clean finish along the seams.


SmartWeave Shirts track current & upcoming trends to ensure the collection always includes both classic & contemporary designs.

The fits of all SmartWeave Shirt has been specially developed and computer modelled to provide a garments for any body shape or taste . The SmartWeave team are committed to offering high-quality shirts that keep you looking & feeling fresh throughout the day.

If you have any comments please don’t hesitate in contacting us. Please click here for customer services.

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