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The best methods to prevent and remove stains

It seems an immutable law that the better clothes you have on, the more likely you are to stain them. A stain doesn't have to be the end of a shirt, jacket or trousers, though, as long as you know how to tackle it.
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Be your best in high pressure situations

Stress is unavoidable. In fact, we need stress if we want to achieve anything, but the trick is to manage the stress so it doesn't overwhelm us.
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A few facts about sweat ...and how to manage it

Sweating is natural — essential, in fact. It's the body's cooling system, which prevents us from overheating by providing moisture to evaporate from the skin.
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5 tips to follow if you cycle to work

Essential tips to help you prepare well for your bike commute and stay sweat mark free.
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What's behind the SmartWeave technology

Discover more about the unique sweat free technology behind SmartWeave's shirts.
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The SmartWeave story

Learn more about how SmartWeave came to be, our vision and constant drive for customer satisfaction.
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The best clothes to wear for a job interview

Job interviews can be hard enough at the best of times, and the last thing you want is to make it even harder. First impressions are vital, and your clothes can let you down.
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What to wear for a first date

It's your first date. She's the one, you're certain, if only you can avoid messing the evening up. What's the best setting for your date? Will she find it intimate enough, or be put off if it's too intimate? And what should your wear?
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Prepare your wardrobe for the autumn

We're unmistakably heading into autumn, and soon we'll be walking through multi-coloured fallen leaves. And that means thinking about our autumn wardrobe. What are the fashion gurus suggesting?
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