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Partners & Contacts

Would you like to supply SmartWeave to your customers?

SmartWeave are always interested to speak to potential corporate partners who are strong in their regions and fit our corporate profile.
There are two types of partnership available;

Wholesale & Retail Partnerships

Wholesale partnerships are available to retailers & distributors who can supply SmartWeave Shirts within their region. All shirts will come directly from our factory with full SmartWeave Shirts branding. If you would like to distribute SmartWeave Shirts to your region, please contact us through the Wholesale & Retail contact details on the right hand side.

Affiliate Partners

We have several different packages available, ranging from affiliate-marketing to full regional franchises. Partners must be strong in their region/sector with a customer base that compliments SmartWeave Shirts. If you wish to become an affiliate partner, please contact us through the Affiliate contact details on the right hand side.

Wholesale & Retail Partnerships

If you are interested in purchasing  SmartWeave Shirts or becoming a distributor, please contact:



Any general business or marketing enquiries, please contact:



If you are interested in becoming a SmartWeave affiliate, please contact:
Bradley Rose