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Our Technology

High-end shirt makers use cotton because it's the softest and most comfortable fabric to wear. Sadly, cotton saturates easily and dries slowly, resulting in awkward sweat marks appearing. Scientists at SmartWeave were determined to end this problem, and after 8 years of research and development they created SmartWeave technology which has all the physical benefits of regular cotton, without the drawback of displaying sweat marks. SmartWeaveStore.com is the only place where you can buy a 100% cotton shirt with SmartWeave technology, that prevents sweat marks from showing.

  • SmartWeave next to skin

  • SmartWeave outside of shirt
SmartWeave draws perspiration away from the skin, and via a preset route, transports it across the shirt's inner surface. the moisture is spread very finely over a large surface area, encouraging it to dry quickly, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.
Meanwhile, the weave actively re-directs the perspiration away from the outside of the shirt, preventing unsightly sweat marks from appearing.

SmartWeave is the light-weight, single layered, 100% cotton fabric that keeps you feeling dry and looking crisp, fresh and in control. How To Care For Your Shirt

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